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The Millennial and the Boomer: Will Gen Z Sell Better Than The Rest?

Time to think about hiring those Zillenials…

What if the next generation of consumers is smarter, more social, and more digitally savvy than previous generations?

What if the next generation of sales professionals is too?

Well, they are because they’re one and the same.

We’ve written before about how Gen Z is changing things in the business world. Now, as the oldest members of the cohort are leaving college and grad school, they’re looking for their first entry-level positions in the sales industry.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Millennials were raised in a time when technology was still a hobby and not a main part of the job. Now, Gen Z, the first generation to grow up with smartphones in their pockets and Internet access as standard, is shaking things up. Since they’ve grown up with constant access to technology, the way they approach marketing and working in sales will be completely different.

Here are 3 reasons why Generation Z is the most important generation of salespeople you’ve never heard of.

Millennials had to learn social media but Zillenials have always been raised with it.

As young adults, Gen Z was the first generation to grow up in the age of social media. 

As we all know, social media has taken over our daily lives. We use it to do everything from staying connected with friends and family to marketing our business

As the first digitally native generation, Gen Z has a wide and creative view of the ways technology can be used to connect with others…and to sell. They are uniquely qualified to understand new and emerging trends in the social media world and are able to connect deeply with that highly desired “under 25” demographic. 

Even if your target audience skews older, onboarding a Zillenial onto your sales team will likely yield new and creative ideas for ways you can improve your market reach using social media.

Gen Z has been 100% remote/virtually in the workforce since the pandemic started

Oh, the irony that one of the nicknames for this generation is Zoomers…

Because of their age and the timing of the pandemic, many in this generation have been in the workplace virtually their entire career. 

Gen Z’s remote work habits and ability to communicate digitally without the need for face-to-face interaction is something that many companies and businesses have used to their advantage. It’s a unique situation for this group of young adults, and the only one they’ve ever experienced. And while it’s been hard, they’re thriving.

Many business owners have begun to notice how Gen Z is flourishing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are looking for ways to take advantage of that. They’ve noticed that the generation’s ability to stay productive from home is of great value to the companies they run, and are looking to Gen Z for guidance even as remote workers shift back to in-person work. 

But, perhaps the most compelling reason to hire a Zillenial…they are uniquely suited to selling over Zoom due to being a digital native and the time period in which they entered the workforce.

While your sales team is unlikely to ever go 100% virtual, we’ve all seen over the past few years how much work can be done remotely. Who knows what the future holds?! 

It makes sense that the virtual trend will continue and evolve, even with sales. Your Gen Z sales team members could be at the vanguard of helping you notice and take advantage of emerging trends in the virtual sales arena.

Sales traits of Gen Z that set them up for success

The fact that Gen Z is the most digitally fluent generation yet is a huge advantage for them when it comes to closing sales. 

They’ve grown up with technology and are very comfortable using it. As such they’re more likely to use it than older generations. It’s only natural they’d expect to use it in every aspect of their lives.

As digital natives, they think differently and often look to technology to solve the challenges they face. As a whole, they tend to be disruptive to the status quo and feel free to voice their opinions if they think change can be affected. 

Gen Z, due to both their age and their temperament, is more willing to experiment with new techniques, and they are hungry for the experiences that will get them to the next level.

This is a good thing because they have different ways of looking at challenges! They don’t always follow the rules and are used to getting things done their own way. In order to succeed, they are not afraid to try new things. 

Their level of ingenuity, reluctance to follow the worn path and deep understanding of digital technology and social media sets them up to be dynamic changemakers for the businesses who are ready to hire them.

They also tend to solve problems collaboratively. This means in a sales setting, they are more focused on solving their prospects’ problems in a helpful way. This can be great for the bottom line and closing deals, as long as they are able to keep their emotions in check.

A quick breakdown of Gen Z…

  • They are more comfortable with technology than older generations.
  • They believe their opinions count and want to make a difference.
  • They want to work for companies they feel passionate about.
  • Gen Z has made its presence felt in the world of sales, and the industry is ready to embrace them.
  • They want to be respected and they want to do good work.
  • Their attitude is more about helping than selling.
  • Gen Z wants to help people solve problems and work together.

In short, Gen Z is changing the world. They’re creating new business models, changing how we work, and redefining how we engage with technology at work. 

Now is the ideal time to start making room for them on your sales team, but you need to be prepared for the changes they will bring.

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