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Listening to your gut hasn’t helped you when hiring and you may be too close to your business to see the full scope of what is needed to hire a strong salesperson. With our outsider perspective, we can help you pinpoint the true source of the problem when it comes to finding top-performing salespeople.

Finding the right salesperson entails having a full understanding of the ins and outs of your selling environment and its impact on your sales team. By reviewing your processes and systems, we’ll know exactly who you need selling for you. Our five-step process has helped us find top-performing salespeople who can and will succeed for our clients.

we do the hiring for you

Our Process

Discovery Call

Step 1: Discovery Call

Let’s talk about where you are, where you want to be, and the gap that’s keeping you from getting there. We’ll have a discussion about your current sales processes, metrics, onboarding plan, management style, sales culture, etc. which will help us determine the best person for your company as well as their likelihood of succeeding in your business.

Kick-Off Call

Step 2: Kick-Off Call

We dive into your business so we can get a clear understanding of your sales environment. We’ll walk you through the sales assessment tool so you have an understanding of the data we use throughout the entire process, and we’ll set some dates and expectations for the upcoming weeks.


Step 3: Sourcing

We’ll accumulate a wide array of people so we can increase our chances of finding the perfect fit for your position(s). We will craft multiple “job titles” and phrase the hiring criteria in diverse ways to help increase the number of applications. We’ll post on multiple platforms, and we’ll go hunting by reaching out to candidates who have the experience we are looking for but may not be looking to make a change…yet. We will then scale down those numbers through a sales assessment that indicates their strengths, weaknesses, skills, and capability of succeeding in sales.

Our Interview

Step 4: Our Interviews

We conduct challenging and thorough interviews to fully understand the candidate’s ability to succeed in a sales role. Our interview process entails an initial 15-minute phone interview. If candidates pass this step, they will then be interviewed live and in person. We truly believe that salespeople have to be interviewed face to face since some things are often missed during a virtual interview. Therefore, we travel to our client’s destination to ensure we hire the right salesperson.

your interview

Step 5: Your Interview

It’s now time for you to determine who will be the best fit for your company culture. By the time we send final candidates to you for an interview, we know they will perform successfully in your company’s sales environment. Here’s when you can trust your gut when making your choice.

finishing touches

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once you’ve decided on a candidate, we will facilitate compensation conversations, ensure the offer letter is signed, check references, conduct a background check, and confirm the candidate and the company are ready for the first day!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"As a seasoned Sales Executive I believed that I had refined the way to select sales team members until I found the process Brisa’s approach took my candidates through. This dramatically changed the sales organization and impacted our sales revenue. It’s great to have constant double-digit growth!"
Scott Johnson
Sales Director

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Our Other Solutions

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