Sales Selection Success:
The Course

Ready to Finally Hire The Right Salesperson For YOUR Business...

Without spending “big bucks” on a professional sales hiring consultant or dealing with questionable recruiters who get less than stellar results?

(Even if you’ve struggled with sales hiring in the past, aren’t sure where to start, and aren’t even sure what “sales” means!)

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Investment: $3,500

If you’re ready to grow your business without the sales team hiring struggle that leaves you stressed out, frustrated, and overwhelmed (with shockingly little revenue to show for all your troubles) I’ve got the solution you’ve been waiting for - no matter what industry you’re in!

Meet Brisa

Hey – I’m Brisa, the CEO of Improve Growth, a sales hiring consultant and former corporate sales trainer with over a decade of experience helping find, hire, and successfully onboard top-tier sales talent.

For YEARS, my clients have begged me to create a course that shows them how to use my data-driven hiring approach so they can easily use the tips, tricks, and techniques I’ve honed over the past 10 years to hire the right salesperson for their unique business the first time…

sales coach and expert - brisa renteria

...That’s why I created Sales Selection Success: The Course.

sales course

I realized many small businesses and startups need help finding the type of Sales Superstars that make an outsized impact on their bottom line…

so I designed this comprehensive, easy-to-follow course that walks you through my entire sales hiring process!

It’s a revolutionary method that breaks down the simple, straightforward ways anyone can attract and hire the right salesperson with ease, confidence and success…and you can get access to it all for less than 17% you’d pay for private one-on-one consulting with me.

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Investment: $3,500

Imagine what your revenue would be like if you had a Sales Superstar on YOUR team - someone who…

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sales team success

Businesses without an effective sales team will struggle to scale, let alone survive.

Little is taught about sales management and recruiting, and trying to hire a sales person without a proven process leads to overwhelm and poor hiring choices…

You may have been “getting by” with the relationships you’ve built and your current clients, but if you want to scale or thrive, you need more.

Sales is the lifeblood of your business.

You have to get your sales hiring process right!

But if you don’t have a background in sales, a huge budget, and a dedicated on-staff team to help you manage the process, finding qualified candidates is hard.

And if you’re a startup or a small business looking to scale, the idea of bringing on a salesperson can seem overwhelming…or just impossible!

While traditional sales hiring often focuses on a candidate’s personality – often with lackluster results – there is a better way.

If you’ve been relying on a “gut feeling” or your sales hiring plan is based on choosing the most likable candidate (or just ignoring the fact you need to hire someone), it’s probably the biggest reason you’re on the Sales Strugglebus.

And if you think “I’ll just hire a sales recruiter and let them do all the hard work for me,” I hate to break it to you: as the business owner you still need to know who you are truly hiring.

sales team

How do you figure THAT out on your own because no recruiter will be able to do that for you…

My process is all about observable data and measurable metrics…anyone can use it, and it works no matter your niche, industry or business size!
It’s a predictable, straightforward, repeatable process that gets results.

Sure, there may be skills they could improve or new things they could learn, but chances are they won’t. Even if they’re willing, do you want to waste your time and money waiting for them to figure it out?

Didn’t think so!

That’s why we rely on the data to tell us who the candidates really are, how they’ll sell, and what their chances of being successful within your company are. These are the types of things that are almost impossible to spot unless you’re a sales-hiring professional…until now.

online sales course

The system inside Sales Selection Success: The Course is easy to understand, simple to use, and it WORKS!

You really can hire the best of the best who are ready to get out there and sell for you from their first day, and I’ll show you how.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside
Sales Selection Success: The Course…

Curious if a data-driven hiring approach is right for your business? Here’s what people are saying about Sales Selection Success: The Course…

"Thanks to this hiring process, one division went from $16 million to $36 million in a year and a half, plus we reduced the staff by 40%, because the salespeople were not performing.

So now we're growing, we're more efficient, we have double-digit growth, we're more profitable, and then that creates a better foundation for growth."
Scott Johnson
VP of Sales
"I can’t say enough about the training that I have received from Brisa Renteria, and how it has impacted my career. I felt that I was successful in my sales management career, but I lacked a strategy, a model and a system when hiring salespeople. What Brisa did was enhance what I was good at and at the same time create a focus, and expose areas that I needed to improve in. If you are ready to take your sales career to the next level, or are unsure exactly what kind of training to invest in, I strongly suggest you speak with Brisa. Your only regret will be why you did not do it sooner."
Carl Owens
Sales Director

I wanted to let you know that I checked in with my client today to see how their new salesperson was doing and they said he's already surpassed his 60 day goals!

They want to hire a salesperson for their Atlanta office and they'd like your help.

You're the G.O.A.T! Thanks for always taking care of my clients."
L’areal Lipkins

All broken down into 5 quick, easy to follow modules that you can watch and implement at your own pace:

Module 1: The Sales Hiring Process

Module 2: Selecting the Right Criteria

Module 3: Using Data

Module 4: Leveraging the Phone Interview

Module 5: Conducting Face-to-Face Interview(s)

Not only will we teach you the “how” behind our data-driven sales hiring process, we’ll also give you the “why.” Together, we’ll walk through several real-world examples that reinforce the key concepts in the course to give you confidence in your ability to recruit your own Sales Superstars.

By now, you’re probably wondering just how much this costs…

Ask yourself this: How much does NOT having the right type of salesperson working for your business cost you?

One client we worked with realized they lost at least $1MILLION over three years by not having the right sales team in place…

Usually, my fee to help one-on-one clients hire a new sales team member starts at $20,000…but the beauty of Successful Sales Hiring: The Course is that you don’t have to pay that much.

You get all the details of my data-based hiring system (along with the wisdom and experience I’ve gained over the past 10 years working as a high-level consultant to brands such as Microsoft and Keller Williams).

You’ll only pay $3,500 for access to Sales Selection Success: The Course!

We guarantee if you follow the process, execute on each step effectively, and choose to get your sales hire right (rather than just getting it over with), you will find a salesperson who will sell for your unique business within their first 90 days.

To support you on your path to sales hiring success, you’ll also get the following bonuses (with a total value of $13,000):

  • Two, 30-minute calls with me (Brisa) to discuss all things sales hiring. (Value: $2,500)

  • Unlimited email access for 90 days to ask questions, receive feedback, and troubleshoot your customization concerns. (Value: $10,500)

That’s on top of the easy-to-follow and implement checklists, formulas, templates, and real-world examples that reinforce the easy to follow training! (Value: Priceless)

Sales Success Course Materials

You can keep doing what you're doing...

Or you can finally stop the churn and burn hiring (and firing!) cycle with a data-driven, metrics-based hiring process that helps you easily onboard the right candidate for your unique sales team.

Sales hiring is a skillset you can’t afford to be without as a business owner!

Say goodbye to the stress, overwhelm, and fear that comes with worrying if your sales team can do the job you hired them for.
Say hello to the confidence, freedom, revenue, and growth possibilities that exist once you’ve hired your own Sales Superstar who is kicking ass and closing deals for your business…

And, you’ll have an easily repeatable process for sales hiring when it’s time to scale up and hire another salesperson…all because the first Sales Superstar you hired made such a huge impact on your revenue it’s time to expand.

It’s a win-win!
successful sales hiring course

Ready to do this?

Investment: $3,500


  • For companies/individuals who want to get sales hiring right, not over with. 
  • For companies/individuals who want to get the right sales hire the first time.
  • Those who are just trying to fill an empty seat. 
  • Those who need to hire someone yesterday. 
  • Those who believe sales turnover is “just the way that it is.” 
  • Those who are not coachable. 
  • Those who will only follow bits and pieces of the process. 
  • Those who want to rely on recruiters to help them find a salesperson.

Each module contains 1-2 impactful videos under 20 minutes. 

It varies for each company and individual. Sometimes it’s right away, and sometimes it takes a little longer based on your current actions, thoughts, behaviors, and execution.  

Yes! The sales recruiting process is still the same. Although there might be a few tweaks, that’s where our coaching sessions and unlimited email support come in.

Yes. If you’re self-employed and live in the U.S., this course will likely be a tax-deductible business expense. Why? Because this course provides training to “maintain or improve skills you need in your trade or business” (to quote the IRS). As always, please double-check with your CPA.  

No, this course will lay the foundation for you to hire the right salesperson every time. I will teach you the process and skills you need to hire the right salesperson now and in the future so you don’t have to rely on a “hope and pray” strategy, or recruiters who believe they know what it takes to be a salesperson.

Definitely, just because you’re not paying them a salary does not mean that they don’t have to sell themselves to you. This process will walk you through what to look for in the hiring process.

It will be too basic for you if you already have the process and skillset to hire the right salespeople the first time. If not, you’re in the right place 🙂

For sure! One of the beautiful things about having processes is that you can replicate them no matter the salesperson, industry, company, or country. We are in the central time zone, so our coaching meetings will be scheduled accordingly. 

We don’t offer refunds since our intellectual property is immediately released to you after you’ve made payment.

Almost immediately after purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email with an invitation to join our private LinkedIn community and access the member site. You’ll also receive a private calendar link where you will schedule our coaching sessions at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Yes, we would love to have you all! However, everyone will need their individual login.

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