Listening to Your Gut Hasn’t Helped You Hire Strong Salespeople

You’ve hired salespeople with likable personalities that are capable of attracting people towards them because of their humor and charm.

You’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes that looked great and had amazing interviews with candidates who you thought would do a great job selling your product or service. Only to find out that once hired, they were a completely different person and achieved zero results.

At this point, you may have lost hope in trusting yourself when it comes to sales hiring.

That’s where we come in…we follow and teach a sales selection process that predicts a salesperson’s success before you hire them.

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A Better Way to Sales Hiring

We take a holistic approach to sales hiring by ensuring you have the right environment for salespeople to succeed. This means we go beyond sales hiring by discussing your current sales systems, onboarding processes, training plans, management style, and sales culture to determine the type of salesperson we should help you hire and the likelihood of their success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"During a revamping of a sales and new business effort, I identified Brisa Renteria to assist me in finding the right individual. What surprised, impressed, and benefitted me the most in working with Brisa was her assistance in developing the characteristics that the business needed for this role. Frankly, they were very different from what I had originally thought. Her insight proved to be very valuable and effective!"
Brian Hodges

Why Improve Growth

A Holistic Approach to Sales Hiring

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scope all angles

Scope All Angles

Finding the right salesperson entails having a full understanding of the ins and outs of your selling environment and its impact on your sales team. By reviewing your processes and systems, we’ll know exactly who you need selling for you.

process that drives success

Our Process Predicts Success

The best predictor of future success is past performance. Throughout our five-step process, we are intentional about understanding the candidate’s past performance to predict their success at your company and in your selling environment.

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Woman-Owned Biz That Gives Back

We actually give a damn about how decisions affect others and pursue a win-win scenario for ALL parties. We also donate 5% of all sales to Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer. A local non-profit who is “working relentlessly for the day when cancer no longer threatens any child”.

Roles We Recruit For

Explore Our Solutions

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Sales Recruiting

We find strong salespeople for you.

Our five-step recruiting process ensures the person you hire can and will succeed in your company’s selling environment and culture. We pride ourselves in helping companies find strong salespeople…the first time.

sales selection training

Sales Selection Training

We teach your hiring teams how to hire salespeople.

Sales is unlike any other role in your business and should be treated as such. We train sales leadership and recruiting teams on our five-step process that weeds out the salespeople who can sell from the ones who won’t.

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We help find top-performers in other roles too!

We apply our same methodology and help clients find other non-technical roles, such as marketing, human resources, operations, project management, and admin support.

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Five Sales Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Your Candidate That You're Probably Not

If you want to hire better salespeople, you need to ask better interview questions.

In this free guide, you will learn five interview questions that will help you separate fact from fiction, cut through the BS answers, and finally see if a candidate can sell before you ever hire them.

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