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Our Mission

Our goal at Improve Growth is to help businesses increase sales and revenue so communities and individuals can thrive. We genuinely believe that when a company has consistent revenue and sales, it will grow its community. In addition, statistics show that companies with a healthy balance sheet are more likely to donate funds and help the community. We want to be a part of that by helping companies find strong salespeople who can and will succeed!

Leave the Hiring to Us

At Improve Growth, we take a holistic approach to sales hiring by looking at the big picture in your sales organization. That means we look at your sales processes, training programs, onboarding plans, management style, and sales culture to determine the likelihood of a salesperson’s success. With this approach, we’ve been able to help companies make the right sales hire…the first time. Our five-step sales recruiting process ensures your salesperson knows how to ask the right questions, create urgency and actually sell.
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We Are a Woman-Owned Business

Working with a Women-Owned Business has its perks! First, we bring a different perspective to problem-solving because of our life experiences. We tend to be more creative to help our clients succeed. Lastly, we actually give a damn about how decisions affect others and pursue a win-win scenario for all parties.

We Are Proud to Support

We donate 5% of all sales to Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer. A local non-profit who is “working relentlessly for the day when cancer no longer threatens any child”.

Every 32 minutes, 1 American child is diagnosed with cancer, and 1 out of 8 will not survive. Despite this, less than 4% of government-funded cancer research is allocated to pediatric cancer research.

By partnering with us, you are helping us fight childhood cancer and helping fund research that will help these great kids survive.

Meet the Team


Brisa Renteria


Brisa Renteria is the CEO of Improve Growth, where she saves companies thousands of dollars and months of frustration by introducing them to a sales selection process that makes the right sales hire 99% of the time. Brisa spent the majority of her career in the sales consulting and training industry while working with the largest sales training company in the world, where she helped clients implement sales processes and a sales training program to help them increase sales. After training and hiring over 5,000, she quickly learned that having sales processes and a sales training program will not be as effective if companies don’t have the right sales talent in place. As a result, she created and taught her clients a five-step sales selection program that is able to weed out sales candidates that look promising but won’t deliver. She has helped organizations all over the U.S avoid costly hiring mistakes by implementing and effectively executing a sales selection process that attracts only the best sales professionals.

Brisa is a first-generation college graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has been featured in radio and print. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, and serves as a proud board member for Wipe Out Kids Cancer.


Grace Yi

Operations Assistant

Grace is our behind-the-scenes team member who keeps us all on track and on time with our deliverables. Devoted to assisting the company with all the back-end needs, she’s fiercely loyal and relentlessly committed to quality work. Her focus is to support the team to identify top sales talent, which drives company success.

After receiving her degree from Rutgers University, she pursued her passion to help others in various environments from law enforcement to clinical settings. She has several years of experience in managing and overseeing projects and administrative duties for different organizations. As a mom of three, Grace loves how Improve Growth has been able to set new pathways for moms to grow and flourish in the workplace.

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Our Clients and Audiences

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Five Sales Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Your Candidate That You're Probably Not

If you want to hire better salespeople, you need to ask better interview questions.

In this free guide, you will learn five interview questions that will help you separate fact from fiction, cut through the BS answers, and finally see if a candidate can sell before you ever hire them.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Brisa helped us break down exactly what we were looking for in each of the candidates. She was a big player in the job description creation process and an even bigger player in the job search process. She made the interview process very easy and gave us great insights on each candidate plus pointers on how to communicate with each candidate if we decided to hire them. She’s always willing to help and truly knows her stuff!"
Brianna Barber
Director of Operations
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